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     Good quality carpet cleaning, the team are clearly very qualified and experienced in carpet care, they had lots of tips for me, and got the job done in no time. And Abbey Wood Carpet Cleaning were cheapest I could find too.
Hamish Mcnab19/05/2020
     On-time to my place and worked through it quickly. I have a large house that needed to be cleaned, but they were happy the whole time!
Jeanne Wilson19/09/2019
     AbbeyWoodCarpetCleaners arrived on time, they did a first-class job and their cleaners kept everything neat and tidy too. It was precisely the service this I was after. They're undoubtedly the best team in the business.
Laurie M.18/04/2019
     Running a restaurant means that everything has to be clean all the time. This is essential so that conditions are sanitary and food is not tainted. This is why my restaurant always calls Abbey Wood Carpet Cleaners for cleaning help. They make the ovens spotless so we can cook in confidence. Their cleaners are helpful and flexible, so we always get the help we need and terrific results too.
Andy Tracer27/05/2015
     Not only have you exceeded the expectations I had, but you've really opened my mind to the fact that my own cleaning wasn't up to scratch! Not even close! Thank you AbbeyWoodCarpetCleaners dearly for having the type of cleaners who come around on time every time and just do an excellent job. I have come to trust the cleaners you send to my flat and have no concern about the work they do. Each and every time you guys come and go I am left with a spotless home that smells and looks great. I like the attention your cleaners give to the small details and they are always of a high standard. Thanks again!
     I will give a positive review to any company like this one who seems to truly care about the service they give as well as the customer care they give. It's why I am also taking the time here to leave a positive review for everyone at AbbeyWoodCarpetCleaners, especially the cleaners who have restored my faith in hiring professional cleaning companies. From the moment I contacted them, I was informed about everything that would be done and the price I would pay and they have been true to their word. Each time I have used this company they have never let me down.
     Thank you so much for today, I know that my booking was a last minute thing but you guys never cease to amaze me, you were able to squeeze me in last minute. You always try to help people and have never let me down and I am truly grateful for that. Once again my home looks incredible and is presentable for our up and coming baby shower now If anyone else is looking for amazing results, fast, then you cannot go wrong with this company, every time they have been to my home, they have done a fab job!
     My cleaners are absolutely fabulous, I am really enjoying the benefit of calling AbbeyWoodCarpetCleaners to look after all of the areas of my home. Obviously there are some things that need doing on every visit and some just every few weeks but because they are very organised they keep track of the cleaning in my home and make sure everything is looking in great shape. If I have a party coming up then they help me prepare and they have generally been so helpful in terms of cleaning advice and tips. Hands down they are the best in the business.
     My girlfriend was moving in with me and I thought I should get the house deep cleaned to make sure that everything was perfect for when she moved in. I hired AbbeyWoodCarpetCleaners and they were able to fit me in before the day of her moving in. They came and cleaned my house from top to bottom and I was very pleased with what they did. My girlfriend was even more pleased to walk and move into a clean, fresh, attractive looking home. It didn't even cost me a fortune! Thank you for doing such a great job cleaning my home.
Eric Dickenson27/03/2014
     Having just left my house following a one-off clean, I had to jump online to shout about what a great job AbbeyWoodCarpetCleaners have just done! I am about to book their services full-time, which two hours ago I never thought I would be doing. It started off as a jokey present from a friend who moaned that every time she came round I was cleaning. I took it with good humour and thought to myself 'why not?', and why not indeed! My house is sparkling, and it only took them an hour or so. How do they get the taps to sparkle like that? They will be coming again!
Natasha Chard30/01/2014

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